SUN Behavioral Columbus, a behavioral and mental health facility in Columbus, OH, has recently published a blog post that explains the signs of ADHD, which is one of the most common types of neurodevelopmental disorders in children. Children with ADHD may have difficulties in paying attention, can be overly active, and may have trouble controlling impulsive behaviors. According to the CDC, ADHD affects 12.8 percent of children living in Ohio, with only 7.7 percent of these children on medication. And while it is primarily children that are diagnosed with ADHD, the symptoms can continue into adulthood.

There are three main kinds of ADHD: the inattentive/distractible type without hyperactivity, the hyperactive-impulsive type with impulse control issues, and a mixed type with aspects of both conditions. Most people with ADHD suffer from the combined type but this can change over time.

Signs of the inattentive/distractible type of ADHD include short attention span for age (difficulty sustaining attention), difficulty listening to others, difficulty attending to details, easily distracted, forgetfulness, poor organizational skills, and poor study skills.

Signs of the hyperactivity/impulsivity type of ADHD include the tendency to interrupt others, difficulty waiting for their turn in school and/or social games, a tendency to blurt out answers instead of waiting to be called on, a tendency to engage in risky behaviors, the appearance of being in constant motion, a tendency to forget things, and an inability to stay on task.

There are several therapeutic techniques that are effective in treating ADHD. These include behavioral cognitive behavioral therapy, brain training or neurofeedback, and music therapy. There are also a number of skills and tools that children and adults can perform to manage their ADHD on their own. These include making lists, creating a quiet environment, and scheduling tasks.

Some tips for parents of children with ADHD include connecting with caregivers, giving the children a break, and supplying soothing tools such as fidget spinners.

SUN Behavioral Columbus has established an onsite treatment program and they have counselors and connections to behavioral resources in the community that can help children with ADHD. Navigating such mental health issues can be challenging, and they are ready to make the process easier for children with ADHD, their parents, and their family.

SUN Behavioral Columbus is a 144-bed psychiatric hospital found on the north side of Columbus, Ohio. This facility provides a complete continuum of specialized care, including inpatient and day hospital services, for people who are struggling with substance use disorders and mental health issues. Their mission is to collaborate with communities to offer solutions for the unmet needs of individuals suffering from mental disorders. Their core values of safety, integrity, teamwork, and compassion guide them. They have earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Accreditation, which is in recognition of their continuous compliance with performance standards set by The Joint Commission. It shows the premium quality services they provide because of their commitment to providing safe and quality patient care.

People who would like to learn more about the treatment for ADHD and other behavioral issues offered by SUN Behavioral Columbus can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, any day of the week.


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