The new Super Manifestation X 2022 radionics software program at has several new powerful features to make radionics operations easier for users. The latest feature upgrade tackles the issue of importing target images. In most cases radionic target images may be taken on smartphones and be very large files due to the high definition cameras on many modern devices. This has meant that users needed to resize the images prior to importing into the program for optimum functionality. The new Super Manifestation X 2022 radionics software program will now automatically resize imported target images at import time. This saves a step for users when importing new targets and simplifies the overall user experience.

"Not every user knows how to properly resize images downloaded from their digital camera or smartphone. Normally a special program is required to resize images and it takes some technical know-how. The new auto-resize and optimize function in Super Manifestation X 2022 for target images makes this process automatic for users and is a welcome feature," says Mike Devino of

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Super Manifestation X 2022 radionics software is now available at and allows users to create, save, load, modify and run complex radionic operations and templates in a highly organized and powerful way.

Radionics Box is the home of the Super Manifestation radionics software and the premier provider of radionics training and genuine orgonite powered radionics devices and orgone generators made by Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of orgonite, orgone radionics, the orgone generator and builder of the finest radionics machines available.


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