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Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC, a leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems engineering and technologies, and a subsidiary of CEA Industries Inc., is proud to announce another expansion to its products and services offerings to include a portfolio of water treatment solutions. Surna understands the need for pure, clean water to ensure consistent and healthy crops and can provide a comprehensive water treatment system based on a clients’ unique water treatment needs.

"Surna understands that water quality can vary drastically depending on location. For instance, a cultivator on the west coast may have different water chemistries than one on the east coast. To accommodate this, Surna provides a comprehensive water purification solution tailored to each cultivator's specific water quality, peak water demands, and storage needs." commented Leandru Schiau, Surna Product Manager.

Surna Cultivation Technologies offers a wide selection of filtration systems to ensure that the water used for cultivating operations is safe, clean, and free of any contaminants. Surna can provide condensate collection, filtration systems such as Reverse Osmosis, Carbon Filtration, Multi-Media Filtration, Water Softeners, and Ultraviolet water treatment. These technologies are designed to purify and recycle water for use in cultivation operations.

Additionally, Surna Cultivation Technologies will now provide water sampling and system design services to ensure that the systems they provide are a perfect fit for each cultivator’s needs. Surna Cultivation Technologies will also offer system integration services to ensure that the filtration systems are properly installed and functioning correctly. With the new products and services, cultivators can rest assured that the water used in their growing operations is safe, clean, and free of any contaminants. This provides both financial and environmental benefits as it allows cultivators to conserve water, improve overall quality of the water used, and save money on water bills.

About Surna Cultivation Technologies:

Surna Cultivation Technologies is an industry leader in the design and implementation of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities. Surna's dedicated team of project managers, professional architects, engineers, and horticulture specialists provide full-service licensed architectural and MEP engineering services, tailored HVACD equipment, proprietary controls systems, air sanitization, lighting, and racking and benching products. Surna Cultivation Technologies also offer installation and maintenance services via certified service contractor network, ensuring a smooth build-out and optimal performance of CEA facilities. With over 16 years of experience and 800+ customers - including over 200 large commercial projects - Surna is a trusted source for indoor growers.

Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, Surna leverages specialized experience in the industry to bring value-added solutions to customers. Surna's solutions help improve overall crop quality and yield, optimize energy and water efficiency, and satisfy evolving state and local codes, permitting and regulatory requirements.


For more information about Surna Cultivation Technologies, contact the company here:

Surna Cultivation Technologies
Jamie English
(303) 993-5271
385 S. Pierce Avenue, Ste. C
Louisville, CO 80027


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