NY criminal defense attorney Benjamin Greenwald is helping clients in Middletown, NY, and the rest of Orange County, fight a legal system that has stacked the odds against them. His law office specializes in representing clients dealing with a range of criminal cases including drug crimes, criminal sexual assault, DWI/DUI, arson, and more.

Being arrested for drug crimes can lead to lengthy and mandatory federal prison sentences. The local police, DEA, and FBI have spent decades perfecting their conviction process to build the strongest case possible against the accused. Things may seem hopeless when one is facing prolonged incarceration and they might just resign themselves to the system. However, an aggressive and astute attorney like Benjamin Greenwald, who has over a decade of experience in criminal defense law, can find solutions that help his clients get a better outcome.

NY defense attorney Ben Greenwald says, “Drug charges are serious. You won’t easily find criminal defense attorneys in Middletown who are ready to defend you if you are being charged with them. However, here at Greenwald Law Firm, I use my extensive experience handling matters in state and federal court, to fight the charges such that their long-term impact on your life is minimized. For example, the case can be heard in drug court and you can instead get a chance to enroll yourself in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. You may also participate in the Shock Incarceration program or the Willard Drug Treatment Campus. We have seen many clients reclaim their lives and build a better self when they come out the other end.”

Benjamin Greenwald has an acute insight into the rules and criminal procedures that federal courts adhere to. This in-depth understanding of how the system operates makes him uniquely qualified to poke holes in a case. Prosecutors always almost exclusively rely on evidence such as breathalyzer test results, drug screens, forensic analysis, and others. Ben Greenwald, who also has a background in anatomy and physiology, uses his scientific knowledge to question the legitimacy of the evidence which can often be erroneous.

Benjamin Greenwald’s scientific background is especially useful for fighting cases of criminal sexual conduct as prosecutors heavily rely on physical forensic evidence to bolster them. Ben’s knowledge and understanding of DNA evidence give him an edge in disputing its validity. Consequently, he can help defend clients against several sexual misconduct charges including rape, attempted rape, statutory rape, lewd conduct, peeking, indecent exposure, prostitution and loitering, crimes against children, possession of illegal pornography, and failure to register as a sex offender.

Orange County residents who are facing DUI charges can also rely on Benjamin Greenwald to make short work of the prosecutor’s case which often hinges on the results of breath and blood tests. Since the state of New York has an implied consent law, accused drivers can lose their license for at least a year if they refuse to go through with the tests. However, the tests are not always reliable. Ben points to improperly calibrated breath testing equipment or the police’s lack of legally sound justifications for pulling the client over, as some of the reasons why a DUI charge can be successfully fought and won in court or at least lead to it being dropped.

Finally, those accused of arson may also be facing an uphill legal battle primarily due to the destructive nature of the crime which can lead to tremendous losses in property damage and even, tragically, loss of life. Ben Greenwald says on his website that the New York District Attorney’s office has a very low tolerance for this felony. The best recourse for someone falsely accused of this crime is to immediately seek legal counsel as the chances of a favorable outcome increase with the pace at which the defense team can build its case.

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