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Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Tree Experts, a leading provider of tree care services in the Tulsa area, has been awarded a prestigious national award for its commitment to sustainability and innovation within the urban forestry industry. The American Forestry Association presented the award at its annual conference in Portland, Oregon.

Tulsa Tree Experts is the first Tulsa-based company recognized for its commitment to sustainability and innovation within the urban forestry industry. The award honors companies demonstrating a proactive approach to preserving and revitalizing urban forests, including planting new trees, using eco-friendly tree care products, and investing in public education initiatives.

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Tulsa Tree Experts has embraced these practices since its founding, firmly believing that it is responsible and beneficial to the environment and community. As part of receiving the award, Tulsa Tree Experts was invited to present at the conference on their unique approach to providing tree care services. Their presentation focused on how they have integrated sustainable practices into every aspect of their business operations, from composting wood waste to using locally sourced materials in tree trimming and pruning jobs.

Additionally, they discussed how their commitment to environmental stewardship had helped them build strong relationships with local government organizations, schools, municipalities, and private businesses throughout the Tulsa area. Finally, Tulsa Tree Experts stressed the importance of public engagement for individuals and communities to understand and appreciate the benefits of urban forestry fully. They encouraged audience members to get involved in local campaigns around urban forest maintenance.

For more information on how Tulsa Tree Experts promotes the health of the urban canopy, visit the company's website: https://www.treeservicetulsa.net/.

Tulsa Tree Experts is committed to providing an environmentally sound approach to tree care and preservation that helps maintain the natural beauty of its client's properties. In addition to offering traditional tree care services such as pruning, planting, and removal, the company also offers green initiatives like rainwater harvesting and soil management.

"We are honored to have received this recognition from the American Forestry Association," said Denise Matthews, CEO of Tulsa Tree Experts. "At Tulsa Tree Experts, we strive to provide our clients with the latest sustainable practices while incorporating traditional methods to ensure that their trees remain healthy and beautiful."

Tulsa Tree Experts has also implemented several programs that promote environmental awareness among residents. These include educational workshops on tree identification and protection and regular community tree-planting events. The company also actively participates in local clean-up efforts and other initiatives geared toward increasing public awareness about the importance of responsible stewardship of urban forests.

In addition, Tulsa Tree Experts works closely with city officials and other organizations to preserve historic trees and protect urban forests from disease and pests. By working with government agencies, they can provide practical solutions while maintaining the natural character of the environment.

The AFA's award recognizes Tulsa Tree Experts for helping create a healthier urban landscape while preserving natural resources and protecting historic trees. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability is a model for other companies in the industry.

Tulsa Tree Experts is a locally owned and operated tree care service provider with offices at 3171 S 129th East Ave Ste A PMB 2070 Tulsa, OK, 74134. The company can be contacted at +1 539-666-4317 and sales@treeservicetulsa.net.


For more information about Tulsa Tree Experts, contact the company here:

Tulsa Tree Experts
Denise Matthews
3171 S 129th East Ave Ste A PMB 2070,
Tulsa, OK, 74134


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