Acacia Dental Group is encouraging parents in Canberra to teach their kids the basics of dental care and get them accustomed to regular dental visits at a trusted provider.

The main reasons for cavities in children include consuming lots of sugary foods and beverages and a lack of habitual brushing. The food residue builds up on the child’s teeth which then attracts bacteria. As the bacteria break down the sugars, it forms slightly acidic conditions which are enough to breach the enamel of the teeth and cause cavities.

Dr. Sirisha Yalamanchili shares some common-sense tips that can help parents protect their children’s dental health by saying, “Though your kids may insist on eating snacks and treats throughout the day, it is best to curb their eating habits and serve regular meals with only the occasional indulgence. If they are clamoring for something sweet, instruct them to wait for mealtime. It is also wise to limit their consumption of sugary drinks and sticky foods as they leave behind layers of harmful build-up. Finally, make sure that your children care about their hygiene and pick up the habit of brushing their teeth regularly twice a day.”

Dr. Sirisha also stresses the importance of taking children to the dentist. She says, “We see a lot of frightened children at our clinic who are understandably scared since it is their first visit. If parents have never brought their kids in for a dental checkup before, they can get anxious about sitting in that chair. So, we urge parents to schedule the first visit soon after their child’s third birthday. We try to make that first visit to the dentist, which we call the “Play Appointment”, as fun and inviting as possible for your little ones. After that gentle introduction, we are confident that your kids won’t feel stressed about visiting the dentist anymore.”

At Acacia Dental Group, during the first visit, the doctors will examine the child’s mouth, teeth, and gums for obvious problems such as cavities. Dr. Sirisha and Dr. Mallik may even take a few X-rays to reveal decay and check on the progress of the child’s permanent teeth under the gums. Some children may require a simple cleaning followed by the application of topical fluoride to help protect the teeth against decay.

The doctors will also make sure that the child is receiving adequate fluoride at home by asking the parents a few questions. Parents will also be given a primer on the best practices to follow and healthy habits to inculcate to effectively clean and care for their children’s teeth. If a child has picked up a bad habit such as thumb sucking, the doctors will investigate whether it has had any effect on the shape of the child’s jaw or the alignment of the child’s teeth.

Acacia Dental Group offers several preventative dental care solutions for children. To make a child’s back teeth more resilient to cavities, the Woden dental clinic uses the latest dental sealant technology. They are completely safe space-age plastics that can be bonded to the chewing surfaces of decay-prone back teeth for protection.

Acacia Dental Group also helps parents take advantage of the federal government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) which provides up to $1000 that can be used over a two-calendar year period on a range of dental services including examinations, routine cleaning, dental fillings, and root canals. The CDBS doesn’t cover orthodontic treatments such as the straightening of crooked teeth, cosmetic dental procedures such as the restoration or replacement of damaged or missing teeth, or any work that needs to be done in a hospital.

All the probable expenses will be explained in detail by the clinic’s dentists and they will secure the parents’ consent in writing before starting treatment. The dentists can also look up the amount of money left on the $1000 allocation, allowing parents to better plan how they want to spend that money while they are eligible.

Readers can book a free consultation with the best kids dentist Woden has to offer by contacting Acacia Dental Group at (02) 6281 2222.


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