These are foods we already love, with Thanksgiving dishes folded into the familiar recipes.
But it’s just as easy to chop up leftover Thanksgiving turkey and sneak it into non-holiday comfort food.
Use leftover Thanksgiving turkey to make turkey black bean enchiladas.
Grain bowlsPost-Thanksgiving, use up roasted sweet potatoes and other veggie sides in a grain bowl.
ShutterstockAlong the same lines as a burrito bowl, grain bowls are a versatile blank slate for using up turkey and vegetable leftovers.
While any grain will work as a base for a grain bowl, farro, quinoa and brown rice are some of the most popular.
A lemony Dijon dressing can brighten a grain bowl made with holiday leftovers.
Leftover stuffing mixed with eggs and a touch of broth or gravy are all you need to turn Thanksgiving stuffing into a savory next-day breakfast.
Eggs, turkey or ham and frozen spinach or other chopped vegetables blended with leftover stuffing make these an option for breakfast or a midday snack.
Bonus points if you also include the last of the corn from your Thanksgiving feast.
Thanksgiving leftover pizzaThis one’s for the folks looking for a twist on the after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich stacked with all the leftovers — turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce — on a leftover Parker House roll or soft bread.
If that kind of post-holiday meal suits you, make this Thanksgiving leftover pizza and savor the classic flavors on a slice rather than between bread.

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