CNN —President Joe Biden is turning 80 this weekend, but the big bash at the White House will be for an entirely different and more youthful occasion.
Naomi Biden, Biden’s oldest granddaughter, is set to marry Peter Neal on the White House South Lawn on Saturday.
ET on the South Lawn – a location that in the history of White House weddings has never before been used.
Nathan Posner/ShutterstockThe grandchild closest – literally – to her grandfatherIn a way, Naomi Biden, 28, is experiencing a White House wedding thanks in large part to her own gumption.
Though the patriarch, Joe Biden has always included his larger family circle, including his five oldest grandchildren when weighing life choices.
Though typically called by the elder Biden family members, it was Naomi Biden who convened the most critical, in-person, all-hands-on-deck family meeting, the one that would have the most impact on Joe Biden’s future.
Hurry up!’” said Naomi Biden.
The wedding ceremony of Tricia Nixon and Edward Cox June 12, 1971 at the White House.
Joe Biden is partial to Lauren’s suits, having worn one on Inauguration Day, and Jill Biden has also been photographed wearing the label.
Without question, the wedding will be the social event of the White House this year, perhaps of the entire Biden administration.
The last presidential daughter to celebrate a wedding at the White House was Jenna Bush in June 2008.
(Nixon’s hardened to a 2-inch by 2-inch piece that now looks like a dried sponge, according to the White House Historical Association.)

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