My wife Kathy makes lists and carefully scrutinizes every detail.
She does most of her shopping before Thanksgiving, with any last-minute shopping done on Black Friday—a month before Christmas.
Kathy was hilariously curious about what was in the big box under the tree, until Christmas morning.
I lowered my head, sorry that I’d disappointed my new wife, while also oddly craving a rasher of bacon.
That was the year I realized I Was from Best Buy, Kathy Was from Bloomingdale’s.
But women’s sizes are confusing, and not wanting to spoil the surprise by asking her for a size, I’d ask for help when I got to the store.
Feelings hurt, Kathy avoided eye contact and seldom spoke directly to me, except through the children, until Valentine’s Day.
Word to shoppers—when in doubt of a person’s size, always buy small.
He, too, loved practical gifts and had presented his wife, Judy, a wide array of Rubbermaid or Tupperware food storage containers and totes.
Christmas morning, he presented Judy with a small bag from the same jewelry store as the year before.
After being married for 36+ years, my Christmas gift-giving plan is now unbelievably simple, because Kathy buys gifts for all the kids (from both of us)—I have to buy gifts for only one person: Kathy.
Sally is very organized, like Kathy— which is why about ten years ago I deputized Sally to order all of Kathy’s gifts.

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