Yet today there are literally millions of kids in our nation who are behind in reading and, sadly, too many who can’t read at all.
That’s not just appalling – it’s heartbreaking, especially because most parents think their kids are doing fine.
When she turned to Twitter to share her experience, Adams quickly found parents across the country had children who were not being taught how to read either.
This nationwide failure is real, and it has the potential to rob our children and grandchildren of a chance to reach their full potential.
Our organization recently hosted over 1,200 attendees at its annual National Summit on Education in Salt Lake City.
It starts with ensuring all early literacy curriculum is aligned with phonics and the science of reading and disallowing failed policies.
But there’s too much at stake – we all must play a part to help every child rise.
There are things parents, guardians, grandparents and any trusted adult in a child’s life can do to help students recover lost learning.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPInvest just 20 minutes of reading every day with a child.
And research has found an additional 30 minutes a week of extra math work have proven to help students make educational gains.
As a national problem, it requires a national effort.
It requires a national commitment to education excellence for every child.

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