Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, thoroughly enjoys hosting her family for the holidays and preparing favorite recipes for them — and she's shared a delicious chicken dish exclusively with Fox News Digital for the holiday season.
Her Chicken Bearnaise recipe, she said, "is so easy to make, and it came about because I needed something different for a dish — and I didn't want a chicken salad.
"And it really tickles me when one of our daughter's friends will say to us, ‘Oh, I thought of you and your mom today, because I made a big plate of Chicken Bearnaise.’"She said her Chicken Bearnaise recipe also works with turkey leftovers.
"A lot of people now will serve chicken instead of turkey" for the Thanksgiving holiday, she said.
"When you put it in a puff pastry," she added, "it's so wonderful and serves pretty on the plate.
Regarding the holidays and the topic of gratitude, Sen. Blackburn mentioned that she and her family make a point of sharing what they're grateful for each year — and what they could've done better as well, she said.
"It's so important for family members to feel comfortable in sharing these things" with loved ones, she said.
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERHere, Sen. Blackburn shares her personal recipe for a delicious holiday feast using leftovers from Thanksgiving or other meals.
Sen. Blackburn's Chicken BearnaiseIngredients4 chicken breasts or the equivalent in turkey1 can cream of chicken soup2 cups sour cream1 package bearnaise sauce mix1 small chopped red onionsalt and pepper to tastepuff pastrycranberry sauceInstructions1.
Chop chicken or turkey into chunky pieces — not too big, not too small.
To learn more about making this recipe from Sen. Marsha Blackburn, watch the video at the top of this article, or click here to access it.

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