The Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv is in survival mode after a brutal series of Russian aerial attacks left most citizens without power, drinkable water, or both.
About 70% of the city was left without power on Thursday morning after Russia's latest missile barrage, officials said.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Thursday the restoration process in the capital and other affected areas continues and that officials are focused on "gradually restoring electricity, heat, water supply and communication."
But together with the supply of electricity to critical infrastructure, we also provide water and heat supply," Zelenskyy said during his nightly address.
MOSCOW CONDEMNS US RESPONSE TO ALLEGED WAR CRIMES AGAINST RUSSIAN SOLDIERS IN UKRAINEHe also said areas that suffered complete blackouts when Russian forces targeted Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure are regaining power.
Residents have been forced to find shelter and warmth where they can, including restaurants and facilities that emerged unscathed from the attack.
next Image 1 of 2prev Image 2 of 2Ukrainians say Russian President Vladimir Putin's attacks will not break them.
"Nobody will compromise their will and principles just for electricity," said Alina Dubeiko, 34, who was also without electricity, heating and water at home.
While Kyiv is rebounding, other cities, especially Kherson, suffered the heaviest bombardment since Ukrainian forces recaptured it two weeks ago.
Overnight strikes outside the city of Zaporizhzhia destroyed a Ukrainian maternity hospital, killing a 2-day-old baby, officials said.
Russia's attacks continue to cause nationwide blackouts, although claims it is targeting key infrastructure that enables the Ukrainian military.
Ukrainian officials, however, say Russia’s attacks have resulted in countless damage to civilian areas, including homes, roads, hospitals, and schools.

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