Portland, OR: American Freight Inc offers exclusive flatbed trucking transportation services to different clients in Portland, Oregon. The service is available to clients that want to transport heavy items such as heavy machinery, bulldozers, excavators, graders, industrial CNC machines, cars, logs, tanks, roofing, sewer pipes, steel, farm equipment, and pressure vessels. It offers a flatbed trucking quote on https://www.americanfreightinc.com/flatbed-trucking-companies/ before dispatching the client's cargo. In addition to fast cargo shipping and timely deliveries anywhere in Canada and US, the company does not surprise the client with additional quotes as the estimated cost issued before dispatching includes all possible expenses and other anticipated expenses.

American Freight Inc also offers heavy haul trucking services to clients transporting heavy equipment, mobile homes, construction machinery, and tree length logs. Regardless of the cargo's size, weight, and other factors, the company offers quick dispatch services, and each client's quote has an available trucker ready to start shipping. Also, the team provides shipping quotes to clients. The shipping cost reflects distance, time constraints, the need to navigate problematic areas when on transit, and other specialized needs such as guide vehicles and the weight and size of the load.

In addition to flatbed trucking and heavy haul transportation services, American Freight Inc offers dry van trucking services to clients interested in shipping non-perishable food, consumables, beverages, building materials, retail goods, and clothing. Since the client may have different cargo volumes, the company assists them in finding the best LTL (less than truckload) and FTL (full truckload) shipping. While the pricing may vary depending on the cargo and whether the carrier has other clients' cargo on transit, the American Freight team strives to find the best deal for its clients.

American Freight Inc also specializes in refrigerated trucking services to clients transporting meat, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods, seafood, dairy, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The client's load is put in a reefer trailer insulated to keep the chilled and frozen goods in temperatures as low as -20°F. The team also eliminates surprise expenses by covering the foreseeable situations and other delays in the quote presented to the client in the initial stages.

American Freight Inc is located at 8383 NE Sandy Blvd #350, Portland, OR, 97220. For flatbed trucking and heavy haul transportation services, clients can call the company at (541) 826-5277 to speak to a representative. Check the website for more information.

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