About Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy

Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy offers on-site and mobile physiotherapy and exercise physiology services. With the right tools and training guide, exercise physiology can be administered at different venues, including gyms and workplaces. The Physio component and other interventions focus on accessing and diagnosing the patient's dysfunction alongside delivering exercise-based treatments. Patients also get an education and advice on the prevailing conditions to maximise their health and wellbeing.

The physical therapist also evaluates the improvements made by injured patients on aspects like free movement and pain management. This physiotherapy clinic runs a flexible schedule to accommodate all interests, including Worker's Compensation, Medicare, Health fund and private matters, Department of Veteran Affairs, NDIS and Compulsory Third-Party.

Physical Therapist at Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy Services

Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy was established to help patients seeking physiotherapy, sports injury screening, hydrotherapy, exercise physiology, ergonomic and workplace assessments, and workers rehabilitation. Care is provided by a passionate and enthusiastic team of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and clinical nutritionists. They have formulated treatments, education, and self-management strategies to ease the patient's pain and deliver lasting relief for people with back injuries and other ailments.

Musculoskeletal injuries are screened as part of Sports injury intervention. Screening is conducted by an experienced Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy physio who is able to identify the risks and develop appropriate interventions. Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy is NDIS approved to serve people living with a disability. The intervention can help persons living with disabilities get pain relief and enhance their range of motion. Other benefits provided by the practice include hydrotherapy exercise and exercise physiology programs focused on practical exercises.

Hydrotherapy promotes muscle tone and is highly recommended for managing musculoskeletal injuries, chronic disease management, and post and pre-operative conditions. Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy has partnered with several local organisations to boost impact and ensure successful all-around treatment. These include Zoo Fitness Penrith, Functional Training Playground, and Brosnan Academy of Irish Dance.

Contact Physical Therapist at Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy

To speak to a physiotherapist and other specialists at the sports medicine clinic, call 02 4721 7798 or visit their offices at 4/29 York Road, Jamisontown, NSW 2750, AU. Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy also runs a shop where patients can purchase various merchandise, including recovery equipment, mobility enhancing products, and supplements.

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